About us

Who are we?

We are one of the youngest and most promising companies in the country providing IT equipment, IT development, GPS monitoring, security equipment sales and service. With our professional staff, we can help you with the provision of technical equipment.


The company mainly operates on the following services:
GPS Tracking Services:
• We provide continuous information about the location of the car.
• Fuel control according to the trajectory and driving style
preparation of reports.
• Driver recognition for cars driven by 2 or more drivers
organization of service.
• Intelligent control system for the internal temperature norm for the cargo cabin
• Fuel level measurement
IT Solutions:

• Integrated systems, software licenses and software
1. • Complex IT services, construction of IT infrastructure
2. • Sale of IT computers and computer equipment
3. • Corporate and individual technical support services
4. • IT Audit and Consulting

We offer the latest security systems:

• video surveillance;
• access control;
• perimeter protection;
• emergency and fire warnings;
• firefighting and smoke removal;
• Voice announcement.