GPS tracking system

GPS tracking system – a technological tool used to track and monitor cars and all types of vehicles. GPS is a satellite system developed and operated by the United States. Used to pinpoint the location of any object. Its main purpose is a satellite system that allows you to determine the speed of objects anywhere in the world using a GPS device. Along with the GPS system, a similar system operated by the People’s Republic of China is called BeiDou, and there is a similar system operated and used by Russia, which is called GLONASS. These three systems together are called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

In today’s world, GPS is widely used by both the public and business sectors. For example, companies have full control of their fleet by installing GPS devices in their cars, construction equipment and other vehicles. By GPS tracking system it is possible to control the following parameters of the car:

1) to the exact location
2) the speed of the car
3) mileage of the car (distance traveled)
4) driver behavior
5) vehicle safety
6) engine oil
7) car fuel
8) tire pressure
9) temperature control in refrigerator type cars, etc.

Companies that use GPS tracking are primarily concerned with the safety of their vehicles and the fuel and other resources they consume. According to research, any organization returns the money spent on the GPS device as a result of the savings made within 2-3 months. Savings include fuel consumption and unnecessary use of the car during operation. According to statistics, every month 25-30% of company cars are used for non-business purposes.