IT developement

MOSS Group combines all the capabilities and technologies for creating products in the digital environment, from corporate and promotional sites to heavy-duty web services and online stores. We develop effective websites, landing pages, from functional web services to CRM / ERP systems. We develop, design and create websites, services and mobile applications for various types of businesses and startups. Website development: from promotional pages to large-scale complex projects. We believe that each site is unique and we are ready to prove it.
– Any type of web services. Systems that solve complex problems automate processes and facilitate interaction between system users.
– Information portals. Websites designed for large content and able to withstand heavy loads.
– Online stores. A full-fledged store with a user account, integrated payment and delivery processes.
– Corporate sites. You are the official representative of your business on the Internet, which forms the image of your company.
– Landing page and quizzes. Target page that provides information about your product by obtaining contact information of a potential buyer.
– Aggregates. A collection platform for news and information sources, products, goods and services.
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