Video surveillance systems

It is impossible to imagine modern security systems without video surveillance, which lasts 24 hours a day. The rapid and powerful development of technology has removed the video surveillance system from the role of passive witness to events. This system, controlled by artificial intelligence, will no longer be limited to biometric recognition. The video surveillance system now covers a wide area, reacting to certain behavioral and behavioral algorithms, as well as out-of-state situations.

The role of the human factor in controlling security systems is great. The operator, watching what is happening on dozens of monitors, loses vigilance in a very short time. The more time the observer spends behind the monitor, the lower the efficiency. This is natural. Because in 99 percent of cases, it is practically impossible to look carefully at the screens of monitors, where nothing happens, and try to find suspicious points there.

However, the analytical video surveillance system controlled by artificial intelligence never gets tired. He is also able to “recognize” and “accompany” hundreds of people. For example, if artificial intelligence observes a programmed alarm algorithm on the screen, such as leaving someone’s bag or package and moving away from it, it will immediately notify the security officer. The operator, who is involved in the alarm monitor, performs his duty, reacts to the situation and launches the appropriate protocols.

MOSS Group designs, installs and maintains video surveillance systems both inside and outside rooms and areas. The company also provides certified staff training identified by the customer to work with the system.

Auto video surveillance systems